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Dark Glass clad bathroom
features and benefits
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Infinite Colour Options

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We can match to any colour under the rainbow if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our Deco Glaze Classic range.

Entire Glass Product Range

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Check out our entire glass product range, which are available for kitchens and bathrooms throughout the UK!

What is the REAL Deco Glaze difference?

Holly Rhodes, MD, explains what she thinks are the main differences between Deco Glaze and cheaper competitors.


Latest News

Top Kitchen Rooms, Trends and Tips of the week

19th August 2016

Olympic fever has gripped the Deco Glaze Office, which has led to a lot of late nights and bleary eyed mornings around these parts. As we head out of our summer season and into our busy autumn / winter period I hope that I can take forward some of the spirit and endeavour that these

10 Glass Breakfast bar Ideas & Inspiration

17th August 2016

As the kitchen increasingly becomes a larger ad more central part of the modern day household finding a way to include a Breakfast eating area in the kitchen is becoming essential. If you don’t have space for an entirely separate counter a glass Breakfast bar can be a perfect solution. For your inspiration find below

5 Reasons why a glass Splashback is a good idea

05th August 2016

Transcript: 5 Reasons why a glass splashback is a good idea 1) Heat toughened: Toughened glass is one of the strongest and most durable, materials that can be put in a kitchen. In the toughening process, the surfaces of the glass are heated in a furnace. Temperatures vary but the glass normally reaches temperatures of

Glass splashback inspiration and ideas

02nd August 2016

Finalising the details of a design project can be daunting; a blank piece of paper or a blank wall can be highly intimidating. If you have decided on using glass for your splashback we have compiled a list of 10 inspirational splashbacks to get your creative juices flowing. Photo by Furnished by Anna

How to choose a material for your kitchen worktop

21st July 2016

Image courtesy of Cato Creative The Worktop is the workhorse of the kitchen, the material and colour chosen for a kitchen worktop will have a massive impact on not only the look and feel of the kitchen but also the functionality. So when designing a kitchen, it is important to really have a handle on


By: Rashid Azar


Making British kitchens beautiful and practical with stunning glass worktop and splashback products. BRILLIANCE. VISION. PRECISION.