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Infinite Colour Options

Colour Wheel


We can match to any colour under the rainbow if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our Deco Glaze Classic range.

Entire Glass Product Range

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Check out our entire glass product range, which are available for kitchens and bathrooms throughout the UK!

What is the REAL Deco Glaze difference?

Holly Rhodes, MD, explains what she thinks are the main differences between Deco Glaze and cheaper competitors.


Latest News

How to choose a material for your kitchen worktop

21st July 2016

Image courtesy of Cato Creative The Worktop is the workhorse of the kitchen, the material and colour chosen for a kitchen worktop will have a massive impact on not only the look and feel of the kitchen but also the functionality. So when designing a kitchen, it is important to really have a handle on

How to make sure you choose the right splashback.

06th July 2016

Kitchen splashbacks come in an incredibly wide variety of styles. With a near infinite choice of colour and material, you might begin to question where to even start! To help you out we’ve outlined a 5 step process to help you get to your dream kitchen. Step 1 pick your worktop Your kitchen splashback should

5 ways to add a darker colour palette your kitchen designs

29th June 2016

The moody trend is big news in kitchen design right now; the look is achieved with dark worktops and deep navy blue grey or even black cabinets: however going all in on dark cabinets is quite the commitment. Below are 5 ways our customers have been using Deco Glaze products to inject some of the

Technical Thursdays – Toughened Glass

23rd June 2016

‘Toughened Glass’, this term is banded around so often in our industry, we sometimes forget whether or not our customers/partners fully understand its meaning. So here’s a short blog post to hopefully crystallise any definition you might currently have – Enjoy!

DecoKiln: Stand out from the crowd

02nd March 2016

Glass splashbacks are fast becoming a must-have across Britain’s kitchens and rightfully so. Not only are they more durable and hygienic than popular alternatives but they offer greater versatility in terms of shape, colour and texture. Now that these glass splashbacks are so widely accepted and celebrated, customers are looking for something more bespoke –


By: Rashid Azar


Making British kitchens beautiful and practical with stunning glass worktop and splashback products. BRILLIANCE. VISION. PRECISION.