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DECO GLAZE UK was founded in 2000 by husband and wife team Jeff and Holly Rhodes when they realised there was an unfulfilled demand for this unique and innovative product within the UK.
Today, DECO GLAZE is Britain’s oldest, largest, most respected manufacturer and installer of bespoke colour coated glass splashbacks and worktops. This has been achieved through great leadership with product innovation, machine technology, precision installations and fantastic customer service.
Our experience and expertise consistently makes us the supplier of choice for quality of service and installation.
We design, manufacture and install a range of high quality Kitchen and Bathroom Splashbacks, Glass Worktops, and antique styled mirrors.
DECO GLAZE is dedicated to supporting you in bringing your design ideas to life and from conception to installation, our team is available to help with advice, expertise and suggestions; from materials to colours to project specifications.
Simply, our aim is to make British kitchens and bathrooms beautiful. We do this by offering great customer service and the highest quality product on the market.

What’s the Deco Glaze Difference?

What We Do

We have an online quotation system enables greater control for our clients.
Our DecoGlaze wall panels can have no joins up to 3.6m.
No visible fixings show through the glass.
Bespoke designs are tailored to individual taste and requirement, so regardless of shape, size, colour, or fit, we work with you to meet your design requirements.
We offer four services: Supply Only (by National Courier), Supply Over size (by our own transport), Collection from DECO GLAZE Factory or Full Service (template and install).
We toughen all glass in the bathroom for increased strength, safety and heat resistance up to 200°c.
We only use Opticlear glass which has minimal green tint to keep our colours bold and vibrant.
We operate on shorter than normal national lead times which are 7 - 15 days.
Our Surveyors and installers are Part P qualified meaning you don't need an electrician on site when we fit the glass ... if you choose not to.
We guarantee our glass for 12 months against installation faults, and 10 years against discolouration & delamination for all Full Service orders.
We run Partner Welcome Days so you can meet our team and have a thorough introduction to DECO GLAZE. Please contact us if you would like to attend one.

Deco Glaze Manufacturing Video


Jeff and Holly Rhodes are the couple that started Deco Glaze. Jeff did his apprenticeship as a joiner/shop fitter in Australia where he worked on high end joinery installations.
They moved to Hawaii where Jeff worked for a company refitting high end boutiques like Gucci, Prada, etc … They moved from one shop to the next, fitting them out to the very highest standards.
After a few years they decided to move to the UK and Jeff partnered up with a Kiwi friend buying and renovating houses in Richmond and Kew. When on holiday in Australia Jeff bumped into friend that did his apprenticeship with Jeff and this friend’s uncle had invented a paint that could be sprayed onto glass by means of conventional spraying.
Before this invention, glass was only coated in sheets by applying ceramic paint to the glass and then backing it onto the glass. This was a more costly process and was impractical for small bespoke panels of glass. Because of this new invention Jeff’s friend started a business supplying and fitting glass splashbacks in Australian and Jeff believed this would be a great product to introduce to the UK.
Upon their return to the UK they set up Deco Glaze in 2001 and started manufacturing and installing glass splashbacks in the UK.  In those days the only place to get the paint from was Australia so all the raw products had to be imported and we then had to mix all our own colours.
In those early years the company consisted of Holly, Jeff and a couple of employees and every one had to be adaptable and do whatever was required. Jeff would template and install and while he was in the area he would pop into the local kitchen showrooms to tell them about the product and see if they were interested in being a distributer.
In the beginning they were met with a lot of resistance and many of the kitchen companies said that glass was to modern for their kitchens and did not want to change from the tiles they were used to. We now know that this was just a resistance to change because we now fit glass to more traditionally designed kitchens than modern kitchens.
In 2003 the John Lewis organisation contacted Deco Glaze and said they wanted to replace their kitchen tile range with glass. The only pre-requisite was that our coverage had to be national.
Jeff and Holly knew very little about John Lewis and being used to a country the size of Australia they thought how difficult could this be, as the UK is an Island 37 times smaller than Australia, so they said yes. Little did they know what was going to be required from one of the UK’s most trusted brands and how challenging it would be to cover the whole UK.
In 2004 we started trading with John Lewis and that was our first break because as soon as the Deco Glaze products were in John Lewis, and people started asking for glass we saw an immediate increase in orders and the initial resistance to glass splashbacks was now something of the past.
This was the best thing that could have happened for Deco Glaze and as a result of taking on John Lewis as a customer, Deco Glaze started being recognised as a really strong brand and this affirmed our place as the company that introduced glass splashbacks to Europe and helped us to rise as the clear market leader on product choices and quality installations.

Worktop Comparison Chart

DECO GLAZE Glass splashbacks &
Granite Stainless
Corian Laminate
Toughened glass is Resistant to temperature up to 200°c without damage Resistant to temperature up to
200°c without damage
Heat resistant Resistant up to
100°c without damage
Resistant to temperature up to 180°c without damage
Does not stain Stains Can stain Can stain Can stain
Non-porous Porous Non-porous Non-porous Slightly porous
19mm can span 1.2 metres without support Can only span short lengths Can span long lengths Can only span short lengths Can span long lengths
Highly impact resistant Fragile (cracks around hobs etc) Can dent Moderately impact resistant Highly impact resistant
Low maintenance
Scratches can be polished out if needed
Does not scratch easily. Forgiving of scratches due to surface patterns Scratches are prominent. Scratches can be polished out if needed Low maintenance
Scratches can be polished out if needed
Does not scratch easily (except high gloss finishes)
Chips can be repaired Chips can sometimes be repaired Cannot be repaired Chips can be repaired Cannot be repaired
Unlimited colours Limited colours Only one colour Limited colours Limited colours
Very durable surface Durable surface Durable surface Very durable Durable surface
Resistant to all domestic chemicals Can be damaged by acidic liquids such as lemon and vinegar Resistant to almost all chemicals Resistant to some chemicals Resistant to some chemicals
Quite expensive Moderately expensive Very expensive Very expensive Very inexpensive
Modern appearance Natural appearance Industrial appearance Modern appearance Various appearance
Room temperature to touch Cold to touch Cold to touch Cold to touch Warm to touch
Very hygienic Moderately hygienic Very hygienic Very hygienic Not very hygienic
Minimal maintenance Minimal maintenance Need to polish out scratches Minimal maintenance Minimal maintenance
19mm 30mm or 40mm thick Various thicknesses Various thicknesses 20mm, 30mm and
Highly light reflective Slightly reflective
Reflective until scratched Non reflective Non-reflective (except gloss)


We give a written 10-year guarantee on paint discolouration and delamination, and a 12-month guarantee on Full Service installation only.

You can clean the glass with any regular glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

OptiClear glass is ‘low iron’ and the most transparent glass available. This means any colour can be achieved. Regular ‘clear’ glass has a higher content of iron, which gives the glass a green tint; therefore only certain colours can be achieved using ‘clear’ glass. We only you OptiClear glass.

DECO GLAZE has 48 Classic colours, 12 DecoLuxe metallic and sparkle colours and 8 mirrors. Dark and metallic colours are available for 6mm splashbacks only. Black and Metallic colours are not recommended as worktops due to the thickness of the glass and manufacturing limitations. Black, Aubergine, Storm, Pacific, Anchor and Charcoal coloured worktop requests will come with a mandatory disclaimer, which must be signed. The same applies to all Metallic worktop requests, where again a mandatory disclaimer must be signed.

The glass can be installed over almost any surface, for example: tiles, plaster board, paintwork, MDF and well-adhered wallpaper. The wall needs to be level and free from any protrusions, flaky plaster and dust.

No, DECO GLAZE Colour Coating is guaranteed to adhere to glass and is unaffected by steam, boiling water and heat. The glass is toughened where needed, for example a splashback behind a hob. Toughened glass – also sometimes referred to as tempered glass – is up to four times stronger than ordinary annealed float glass. If broken, it disintegrates into small fragments with dulled edges that are unlikely to cause serious injury.

• A Proposal produced from drawings or written measurements for Full Service enquiries
• Site Survey for final measuring
• OptiClear colour-coated glass with polished edges all round glass, toughened where needed
• National Installation Service (including sealing of edges with sealant)

6mm Splashbacks: Maximum Size toughened 3600mm x 1800mm / untoughened 3600mm x 2200mm

19mm Worktops: 3200mm x 1800mm

Our lead-time is 10-15 working days from site survey for the home counties and also 10-15 working days otherwise (based on current average work loads). Site survey is normally done within one week of order.

Yes. DECO GLAZE™ Colour Coating is guaranteed to adhere to glass and is unaffected by steam and most caustic agents. All glass in this situation is toughened for safety to meet British standards.