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5 Great kitchen tweaks for the Great British Bake Off obsessed

With the delightfully pleasant return of the Great British Bake off back to our screens there’s no doubt that the smell of baking cakes, cookies and bread will soon be wafting around British kitchens this summer.
Designing or modifying a kitchen for the purpose of baking can be as much of a science as the baking it’s self. Below are five tips for just such a design.

1) Organisation

The key to stress free baking is organisation and storage, having everything you need easy to hand lets you focus on the baking and not where you managed to squirrel away the cardamom seeds or the 50- 50. With that in mind see below for some organisation improvement tips.

Shelving: keeping often used baking ingredients such as flour yeast and baking powder together and in an easy to reach place is essential, there’s nothing worse than having to root around in cupboards for the essentials.

IKEA Kitchen spice draws

Draws: A spice draw is an easy way to keep all of your spices and toppings in one place, the draw allows for easier access than a traditional rack and you can keep more in one space.


Storage: There’s nothing worse than trying to pull a baking tray out from under a stack of pans and pots.
Numerous solutions to this problem can be found at all price ranges from expensive custom cabinets to off the shelf solutions, you can even indulge with a spot of DIY / crafting and convert some old magazine boxes.
Baking Cart

Access: many home bakers find that their equipment gets scattered around the kitchen in various draws and cupboards. A great solution to this is to put together a movable baking cart that can follow you as you move throughout the kitchen.

2) Oven Space


Oven space: When baking oven space is always at a premium, if you are a serious baker why not double your capacity and invest in a double oven, another good option is a slide and hide oven allowing for the oven door to be conveniently stowed away avoid awkward leaning.

3) Counters

If you are a fan of making pastries a glass or marble counter area is a great idea as the materials keep a cool temperature and prevent the butter in the pastry from melting. Glass is also a great surface for rolling out or kneading dough and cleans up easily. Glass on a kitchen island is perfect for this.

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Another great idea for counters in a baking first kitchen is to install extra sockets in strategic areas, this means mixers and whisks can be moved to where you are baking and multiple appliances can be used at once.


4) Butler sink

A Butler sink is great for a baker due to the amount of bowls tins and molds that need to be cleaned up at the end of a big bake. These deep sinks are also great for odd shaped or oversized items that just won’t fit into the dishwasher.


5) Information area

An important place in the modern kitchen is an area for laptops, tablets and cookbooks easy access to recipes is a great help for the novice and a source of inspiration for the veteran. Just be careful to keep it away from the sink and oven area.

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