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Virtual reality in the KBB Industry


Virtual reality has long been used in the architectural world, but as the technology becomes more affordable products directed at the KBB market have started to appear.
But why would you want to invest the time and money in a VR system in the first place?

1) VR Offers a Competitive Advantage

Cad and 3d renderings revolutionised the kitchen design space, affordable VR promises to do the same, the feeling of being in a space is very visceral can be a contributing factor to a customer choosing your design over another. If your competitors start offering VR it will be beholden of you to keep up.

2) Skip Rounds of Reworking

The more detail the client can see within a design, and the better feeling they can get the more likely they are to understand what they want and don’t want, for example you can render the lighting in a room at real time, and switch the different lights on and off, a client can also see the space relationship better knowing whether the island is just a bit too close or far away from the dining table.

3) Reduce Byers Remorse

If the client can get a good feel of a design in the early stages and rework it to their specifications buyer’s remorse once the kitchen is fitted will be reduced. This also gives the KBB retail experience a real competitive advantage over the online stores, one that does not rely on price. These wow factors should get people into stores as well as help conversions.

How much is it to invest?

The current cost of a VR head set is about £600 for the popular Occuls Rift and Vive headsets, combine this with the software and computers needed to run this will set a showroom back between £1500 – £2000 however newer technologies are emerging that let you use a smart phone although these are not as powerful as a full rig.

With this in mind VR may still be too much of a commitment for the KBB industry, and it is still viable and probably advisable to adopt a wait and see approach. Bear in mind also that a new technology pioneered by Microsoft called AR is just around the corner.
AR or Augmented Reality is a mix of VR and Live demo options as it overlays computer generated graphics over real-world objects. This can be as simple as allowing a client to open a real door while changing the colour and finish; to overlaying a completely new kitchen.

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