Sills and Reveals

Often we are asked if it’s possible to fit decorative toughened glass on sills and reveals. The answer is absolutely ‘YES’ in our standard 6mm, as you can see in these images:

decorative toughened glass

Decorative Cladding

Our Installer Partner Reflections fitted decorative cladding with DecoLuxe, 6mm toughened glass Titan metallic colour on a ceiling island. As the silicon will take 24 hours to adhere, black tape has been put on the corners for safety and will be removed.

The Positive Psychology and Meaning of Colours

Colour psychology is a powerful interior design tool that arguably has more of an impact on the mood of a room than any other factor. Colour is an integral element of our world, not just in the natural environment but also in the manmade architectural environment. Humans love colour and always played a role in […]


Deco Glaze doesn’t recommend mirror splashbacks behind a hob, as mirror cannot be toughened. Here’s a great stylish solution suggested by our Regional Sales Manager Marc, DecoMatte 6mm toughened glass splashback combined with DecoMirror 6mm glass fitted in Schmidt Kitchens Epsom.

CATO Creative

We are proud to supply our glass to CATO Creative as all their innovative projects are designed with high quality materials giving an amazing final result.

New Copper Mirror!

Copper mirror is the new entry in our DecoMirror 6mm glass range…it matches any mood and colour.

Grand Designs Live Birmingham

DecoMirror Antique 6mm glass splashback fitted in Lewis & Hill Kitchens stand at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham.

DecoKiln ‘Rock’ Texture

Our DecoKiln 8 mm toughened glass splashback ‘Rock’ texture with DecoLuxe ‘Krypton’ colour looks beautiful in this amazing living kitchen.