Glass Care Instructions

It is important to note that glass is made of natural elements and therefore can have imperfections which aren't mendable.

Wash carefully with warm soap water and then finish with window cleaner using soft paper for brilliant shine.

Never use abrasive pads or abrasive polishing material on the glass surface.

Avoid using wax polishes on glass surfaces.

Glass is impervious to most liquids used in the domestic environment therefore it should not be easily affected.

Very hot pans can be placed directly on glass worktops without fear of cracking. However, this does not mean that it will not scratch. Care should always be taken and protective mats should be used as with any other type of work-surface.

Avoid using heavy cast iron pans as they can damage worktop edges on impact. We recommend the use of stainless or normal non-stick pans.

We do not recommend the work-surface be used for cutting as this can damage both the work-surface and the knife being used.

Toughened glass is very strong and it is difficult to break even with high impact. However, as with any other work-surface or splashback, we recommend that the glass be treated with great care as you would with any other substantial investment in your home.

We recommend Microfiber cloth which are very useful in cleaning up spillages without the need of chemicals and additional polishing. Alternatively, wash carefully with warm soapy water and then finish with glass cleaner using soft paper for a brilliant shine.

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